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Access the internet wherever you need it with your Tata Indicom User Name and Password. Our Wi-Fi connection is handy and easy to connect to and allows you to access at over 500 hotspots across India and over 100,000 partner hotspots globally.
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Spot the hotspot
Internet no matter where you are
Our hotspots are available in a wide range of places - hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants, clubs, hospitals, stadiums, banks, colleges and more. To locate a hotspot click here
Getting Started
To connect to the Internet at a Tata Indicom Wi-Fi hotspot, you will need:
  • A Tata Indicom Broadband 2.0 account

  • A Wi-Fi enabled device with a supported browser
Registering your account
If you do not have a Tata Indicom Broadband 2.0 account, you can buy a Extra Card online and get started. To buy a Extra Card using your credit card/net banking account click here.
Registering your account
Use the Serial Number and PIN of the Extra Card to register. Once registered, your Tata Indicom User Name can be used to access all our services like Global Roaming, Value Added Services, Dial Up, Net Telephony and more.
Instant access
Some hotspots also sell Quick Access cards which are pre-registered. Just log on and start browsing. Please note that such accounts cannot be recharged once their value or validity expires.
Next Steps
Here's how you can access Tata Indicom Wi-Fi at any of our hotspots or our partner hotspots globally:
  • Step 1
    Enable Wi-Fi on your laptop.

  • Step 2
    Open the internet browser to get the Tata Indicom Wi-Fi login page (in India) or the partner hotspot login page (outside India). In case of partner hotspots, select Tata Indicom Wi-Fi from the list of roaming partners.

  • Step 3
    Enter your Tata Indicom Broadband 2.0 User Name and Password or the Serial Number & PIN of the Extra Card to start accessing the internet.

You are now ready to explore the world of internet using Tata Indicom Wi-Fi.
Technical Requirements
  • You will need either a device with built-in Wi-Fi capability, such as a laptop with Centrino,
    or a USB adapter / PCMCIA card capable of making Wireless LAN connections.

  • Compatible browsers include Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari
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