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True Broadband Pricing Getting Started

Documents Required

Technical Requirements

True Broadband
Tata Indicom Broadband 2.0 is a technology that delivers super fast, secure and reliable internet to your home. You can surf web sites, shop online, play games, download music, podcasts, exchange heavy files, watch movies and much more at true Broadband speeds.

My Kind of Pricing

We understand that you have different needs and therefore one tariff plan can't fit all. Our tariff plans are simple and are structured keeping your needs in mind.

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Getting Started
To get a Tata Indicom Broadband 2.0 Connection follow the simple steps below:
  • Step1
    Apply for a connection online

  • Step 2
    We will conduct a feasibility study for the address that you require the broadband connection at. If your address is feasible, you will have your connection soon. In case, your adrress is not feasible, we will not be able to provide a Broadband connection to you - but you can still access the world of Wi-Fi, Dial Up, Global Roaming and Value Added Services.

  • Step 3
    Our representative will get in touch with you and help you select tariff plans and services as per your need. Requisite documents and proofs will also be collected from you. Click here to see all the documents you will need to keep ready.
  • Step 4
    Our service engineers will install the connection at your address at a time convenient to you. Make sure you have what it takes to get unbridled access. Click here to read more about the technical requirements.

Documents Required
At the time of placing the order, you will need to submit the following documents pertaining to installation address proof and photo identity proof:

  Installation Address Proof (any one of the following):
  • Ration Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Gas connection bill
  • Bank Statement/Pass book
  • Credit Card statement
  • Form 16/Assessment order from Income Tax/Lease Agreement/Rent agreement/Flat purchase agreement/Letter from the company
  • Form ST 2

  Photo Identity Proof (any one of the following):
  • Passport
  • Election ID Card
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Student ID Card

  Our representative will also collect the payment as per your chosen tariff plan. The payment has to be made upfront in favour of Tata Communications Internet Services Limited through a crossed Cheque or a Demand draft.

Technical Requirements
Here's a checklist of the computer hardware and software you will need prior to the installation of Tata Indicom Broadband 2.0:

  For your PC you will need:
  • A Pentium class processor
  • Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP or Vista
  • 10100 Ethernet LAN port
  • Internet Explorer 5.0/Firefox
  Plus if you want to use a Wi-Fi router you need:
  • Intel Centrino internal wireless technology
  • A USB 1.1 or 2.0 port for USB wireless adapter
  • A free slot for PCMCIA wireless adapters
  • A free PCI slot for PCI wireless adapters
  If you have a Mac you'll need:
  • Mac OS 9 or OS X
  • A 10/100 Ethernet LAN port
  Plus to use a Wi-Fi router, either:
  • An Apple IMac compatible wireless adapter
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