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Tata Indicom Wireless Broadband Smart Recharge feature ensures that you get MAXIMUM out of your current validity by ensuring that your recharged value card comes into effect once your current pack expires. So now you do not need to wait for your account to expire, to recharge again.
  What is Smart Recharge?
  Smart Renewal is a feature that allows you to renew in advance i.e. before the expiry of your current validity/ value, without losing out on your current validity. When you do a Smart Renewal, the new value card is not activated immediately. Instead it goes into a queue and will be activated only when the current card expires (due to value or validity). Thus, even if you renew in advance, you do not lose out on any validity, as your renewal value card will only come in to effect once your current validity/ value finishes. You can have as many value cards in your Smart Renewal queue as you want to.
  What are the benefits of Smart Recharge?
  Apart from the fact that you get full extension of your current validity, you will also enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity, as you do not have to wait till the expiry of your current value card to renew again. You can have as many renewal value cards in your Smart Renewal queue as you want to, hence offering you utmost convenience
  I have a plan in queue, what will be the recharge options available to me?
  If you already have a value card in queue, you can do a Smart Recharge. This plan too will go and sit in your smart recharge queue. So, you will have 2 value cards in queue which will come into effect one after the other in the order in which they have been renewed.
  Where can I see the renewal plan/plans that I have in my queue?
  Log into My Account > My Balance > Smart Recharge Queue. All the plans in your smart recharge queue will be displayed
  If I want to purchase a content service which costs more than my current balance, but I have Smart Recharge plan in queue, will I need to renew again?
  If sufficient balance is not available in your current plan, our system will check the Smart Recharge plan in the queue and deduct the amount from it. The Smart Recharge plan will come into effect immediately with the validity assigned to it. So go ahead, buy all the services you wish for.
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